Saturday, October 13, 2018

New "Ancient Wisdom" Alexa skill available now!

If you've been enjoying my ancient wisdom posts every day on Facebook and have either an Alexa-enabled device or just the Alexa skill on your smartphone, You can now listen to even more quotes in my FREE educational Alexa skill "Ancient Wisdom" that was just published this morning! I compiled over 100 quotes from ancient Greek and Roman sources that were selected because I thought they provide guidance for issues we face today. I hope to add sources from ancient Egypt, ancient Persia, and ancient China as time permits - after all, I am retired!

Today's example:

Young boy portrayed as Hercules choking Hera's serpent 
Roman second half of 2nd century CE photographed
at the Capitoline Museum in Rome.

For just as children tremble and fear all In the viewless dark, so even we at times, dread in the light, so many things that be, no whit more fearsome, than what children feign, shuddering, will be upon them in the dark. This terror then, this darkness of the mind, not sunrise with its flaring spokes of light, nor glittering arrows of morning can disperse, but only Nature's aspect and her law. Lucretius. The Nature of Things. Book 6.
Although the current Alexa app is designed for voice-only devices, I hope to eventually modify it for the Echo Show and Echo Spot and include the images as well.

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