Sunday, March 7, 2010

HBO’s Rome Gets a Big Screen Script

It looks like Bruno Heller's plans to resurrect Vorenus and Pullo in a big screen treatment of HBO's Rome is moving forward.  According to this article, a script has been written and financing has been secured for the project.  I was at least relieved to see that the story would resume just four years after the original miniseries concluded.  I had read at one point that there were rumors Heller was going to take the boys to Judea for a rendezvous with a certain messiah which, of course, didn't make any sense at all since Vorenus and Pullo would have been so old they couldn't have lifted a gladius.

According to this release, we will find them fighting the barbarians in Germania - much better!  Kevin McKidd must be juggling the project with his appearances on "Grey's Anatomy".  McKidd appears to have been much more successful than Ray Stevenson at using the popularity he gained from "Rome" to leverage his career.  His own series on NBC, "Journeyman", only lasted a year but was a good effort.  I also saw him in "Made of Honor" with Patrick Dempsey who may have helped him land a spot on "Grey's Anatomy".  Stevenson has made a few films but none that garnered much notice.  He was such a natural in his role as Pullo.  It will be good to see him back in a starring role again with a good script to demonstrate his talent as well.

HBO’s Rome Gets a Big Screen Script
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