Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ancient Vine Delights Visitors with Beautiful Recreations of Ancient Life

Today I received a news alert from Heritage Key about the impending illumination of Hadrian's Wall event and it included a marvelous video of a 3D recreation of Hadrian's Wall and Newcastle Fort by a system's analyst known as Decimus who manages a website called Ancient Vine.  The graphics in the video were absolutely stunning.

I actually thought Decimus had merged 3D computer graphics with live action because the soldiers in the video looked so lifelike.  When I visited his site I saw that they were creations of his talent as well:

Decimus has also created a virtual Roman domus as part of the exhibit "A Day in Pompeii" at Museum Victoria in Melbourne, Australia.

Above is Decimus' recreation of a Roman tablinum.  The museum created a wonderful video of a virtual visit to the domus complete with rain water falling in the atrium, music and background sound effects.

He is now working on a reconstruction of the ancient city of Alexandria.

He has already finished several iterations of the Pharos lighthouse and is presently working on a recreation of the famous library.

Decimus is also working on a game set in the fictional Roman town of Opacia that was built on the ruins of Oplontis.  It will be an adventure/role playing game and I'm sure the visuals alone would make it well worth the price of the final product!

He has a marvelous image gallery and even offers his graphics for free use with attribution.  His site also features a discussion forum with interesting discussions about both Roman History and 3D graphics tools.  So, please check out Ancient Vine and continue to encourage such an artistic enthusiast!

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