Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Gladiator Playmobil tribute A Hoot!

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This morning I received an email that included a link to a video about Playmobil's new pyramid playset. I wanted to include it on my blog but found the video didn't embed well so I started searching Youtube for Playmobil videos thinking I would find it there and I came across this marvelous gem!

What a hoot! The videographer even included the arrow strike in the leg, the leap onto the horse, the sword toss, even Commodus going "wooowooo"!

The creator says the stop-motion sequences in this film were created with a stop-motion feature on a leica d-lux 3 camera, and then imported into iMovie.

"I''ve discovered a better way of doing it," he says, "importing still photos from apple iPhoto into iMovie and giving them each 2 or 3 frames on the video. "

I'll have to try it out although my collection of Playmobil collectibles is rather limited. Maybe I should try using my Marx Ben Hur playset figures instead!

I recently retired from the University and I know, I'm having just too much fun!

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