Friday, February 4, 2011

Bavarian State Library launches new European history review platform

Splendig hallway of the Bavarian State LibraryImage via Wikipedia
Splendig hallway of the Bavarian State Library in
Munich, Germany
The Bavarian State Library in collaboration with the German Historical Institute Paris (DHIP) and the Institute for European History (IEG) Mainz, has launched an online database of presentations and reviews of books and journal articles about European history named
The reviews and publications on the platform focus on work published in Europe featuring European topics. The platform’s navigational languages are English, German and French. The reviews and presentations themselves may be written in any European language but a link to a .pdf is available that can be used in conjunction with an online translator like Google Translate if you do not speak the language of a review or presentation that catches your interest.
If you prefer to only browse reviews or presentations written in your native language, you can click on the Advanced Search function in the upper right hand corner of the home page.  When the Advanced Search page is displayed you can scroll about halfway down the page and specify your preferred language of the review or presentation.
The Advanced Search feature also lets you specify type of article, author, date range or other tags and date the document was prepared.
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