Friday, April 17, 2009

Ben Hur Marx playset figures are reissued

My enthusiasm for Roman history spills over into many aspects of my life. In addition to reading about this period of history, I play computer games with ancient themes and love to collect historical figures and miniatures depicting people from this era.

I used to prowl eBay and look for miniatures and discontinued playsets of figures that I could paint and add to my collection. I especially liked the Marx playset miniatures for their detail. So, I was excited to see that someone (Marx is no longer in business) is reissuing a number of their trademark playsets including the Ben Hur set. I have several of these figures in my collection that another artist painted. Now I can try my own hand at painting some of them! I have found Michigan Toy Soldiers to be an excellent source of historical miniatures and figures. They not only offer a wide range of commercially available figures but purchase estate collections as well.

I have taken advantage of a number of Michigan Toy Soldiers' great sales, purchasing extremely detailed Ignite 12" figures including a Roman legionary, a Spartan warrior and King Leonidas. I also like the Dragon In Dreams figures. I have several of their 12" figures including Alexander the Great, Subodai the Mongol, Attila the Hun, Julius Caesar, and a Roman retiarius.
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