Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Comic book publisher Devil's Due to collaborate with Starz on Spartacus titles

I had heard last year that Starz was planning to produce a new series with Spartacus as its lead character. Now I see that a comic book publisher has been brought on board to write four graphic novels that will tie into the storylines of the new series as well to generate a little pre-release hype. Stylistically, it will reflect a "300" influence. Australian Andy Whitfield will star in the title role. Starz also recently announced that John Hannah will play Batiatus. Apparently they must be planning the Batiatus character to be comic relief - sort of in a Peter Ustinov kind of way. If so I think John Hannah will be good in the part. I liked him as the bumbling brother in "The Mummy" but just couldn't quite accept him as a serious Roman Senator in "The Last Legion".

"Devil’s Due will be working closely with Starz, the production studio for its sibling premium entertainment channel, to create four self-contained stories that intertwine with the show’s continuity.

Contributing to the series will be DeKnight, DDP President Josh Blaylock and noted comic scribe Jimmy Palmiotti, with others to be announced. Evan Sult will edit the comic books with R.H. Stavis overseeing the project.

The first issue will debut as a promotional collectible at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con with a unique variant cover available only at the convention, followed by the release of the issue in stores nationwide in October.

“This is a very exciting project for Devil’s Due,” Blaylock said. “Not only do we get to tell an incredible story full of intense action, battles, and sexy characters, we also get to work with a project from Tapert and Raimi and the entire awesome team. We couldn’t be happier.”

“We have an expansive vision for the retelling of the classic Spartacus story, filled with astounding visuals and larger than life characters. A comic book is the natural extension to the world we’re constructing,” DeKnight said. “Josh Blaylock and the artists at Devil’s Due have just the right sensibility to make this the perfect complement to our show.”

“Spartacus: Blood and Sand” is scheduled for a debut on the Starz premium entertainment channel in January 2010. - More: MonstersandCritics.com

Oh dear! I went to the Devil's Due website to see if I could find a graphic and see that the comic book publisher is also releasing "Barack the Barbarian" this summer! I think I prefer President Obama just the way he is rather than buffed up to look like Governor Schwarzenegger in his earlier career! I'm pretty sure that's not Michelle wearing a thong bikini and seductively gripping the president's leg either. It's a good thing we still have freedom of speech here in the US! Although I must admit, Julius Caesar would probably have enjoyed starring in his own graphic novel! I wonder what Servilia would have looked like in a string bikini?

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