Sunday, July 11, 2021

Domus del Chirurgo (House of the Surgeon) in Rimini, Italy

 I noticed the link to this archaeological site in an article with a suggested "tour" of the Roman Empire. This 2nd century CE Roman site does have an English version website and a few images of mosaics and structures a visitor would find there. I checked Wikipedia and was surprised to find the site barely mentioned on Rimini's page although it appears to be an extensively excavated site. 

The nearby museum houses the 150 surgical instruments found there. Eutyches, the Greek physician who owned the house is thought to have been an accomplished military surgeon as his instruments were designed for bone injuries and wound repairs, including a Diocles' spoon for extracting arrows. No gynecology-related instruments were found though so he probably worked in an all-male environment.  

Eutyches was also an admirer of the Epicurean philosopher Hermarchus as fragments of his statue were found In the garden. Hermarchus was a disciple and successor of Epicurus as head of the Epicurean school. Although none of his writings survives it is known from other sources that he wrote works directed against Plato, Aristotle, and Empedocles. A fragment from his Against Empedocles, preserved by Porphyry, discusses the need for law in society.

The villa suffered a catastrophic fire and was abandoned about 260 CE based on the dates of 80 coins discovered in the ruins.

The official website: 

Mosaic pavements in the 2nd century CE Domus del Chirurgo (House of the Surgeon) in Rimini, Italy

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