Friday, July 11, 2008

Nice video clip of Roman Art From The Louvre Exhibit

Here's a nice video clip of some of the pieces included in the exhibit, "Roman Art from the Louvre", that is now on display at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. I was fortunate to see the exhibit when it opened in the US at the Seattle Art Museum in February.

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Unknown said...

Did you get to see the Roman Art displayed at SAM? I've seen it at the Louvre years ago and then again this year. This time I took pictures with my phone and was politely told not to take pictures. It was weird, I was never told I couldn't take pictures in any of the big museums in Europe...well you could if you didn't use flash. My phone doesn't have a flash, but I did get some great pictures before they told me I couldn't take them anymore.

Mary Harrsch said...

Patrick, I traveled to Seattle specifically to see the exhibit. I already knew that SAM would not allow photography. Apparently all of the museums in Seattle have that restriction. Ridiculous!! I wonder if Microsoft's presence had any influence - they own Corbis image services. I too have taken non-flash images at The Louvre, The British Museum, The Capitoline Museum in Rome, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and the Getty Villa - all world class museums. You may see my photos at