Thursday, May 21, 2020

Designing persons are dangerous to all not just the miscreant

Designing persons make life no less dangerous for those who have done no wrong than for those who are guilty of many misdeeds. Lysias. For Callias. Speech 5. Section 2.

Image: A modern sculpture (above) of Lucius Cornelius Sulla in his younger years from 3D modeler Piersie of the CG Society courtesy of TurboSquid. I saw this image while browsing images of Sulla and wondered about its origins. Although it lacked the fine detail of most Hellenistic portraits so I assumed it was modern, I was intrigued by the sculptor's ability to produce a likeness that would reflect Sulla's countenance some years younger than the famous Roman-era portrait thought to be him (below) at the Glyptothek in Munich (photo by Wikimedia Commons contributor Bibi Saint-Pol).

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